School Holidays are here again….

So for most of us in the public school system the school holidays start today while most private schools have already been on leave for a week.

It’s always difficult trying to find things to do with the kids so I thought I’d post a few recipes that I find are great for Miss 8 to make with minimal assistance from me. She feels as though she has contributed to the household and has a great time being a “grown up”

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IT’s FRIDAY!!!!!

Well it’s not really but it turns out that “it’s Friday!!!!” means nothing to me anymore.
I’m a Mum, a fiance, a housewife (to be) who keeps 2 homes,  a sister, daughter and friend.
Life is busy but today it’s easy. A day to myself, a day with very few demands on my time so….. Continue reading

Well that was a bit mean….

Wasn’t that mean of me!!
So mean.
I wrote a little about myself, got you all sucked in by the promise of possibility and that notion that this just might turn into an amazing blog where you could escape you’re own world and delve into the depths of another’s.
The life of someone who you don’t know but she seems like a cool chick, been through a bit is going through some stuff, someone who seems to have a bit of depth but is that just an illusion? So you thought you’d read on……..

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A little more background.


As I sit here on this long weekend wondering what to write I decide 4 things;

1) I use too many !!!!!’s

2) I rarely capitalise “I” not sure why, I just don’t.

3) You need a bit more background to me and my life up to this point to get to know me a little better and have some sort of insight into who I am and possibly how I come up with my responses/ideas/why’s etc.
This may take a few posts but we’ll get there.

4) In deciding the content of 3) There is a big difference between exposure and disclosure.
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