Well that was a bit mean….

Wasn’t that mean of me!!
So mean.
I wrote a little about myself, got you all sucked in by the promise of possibility and that notion that this just might turn into an amazing blog where you could escape you’re own world and delve into the depths of another’s.
The life of someone who you don’t know but she seems like a cool chick, been through a bit is going through some stuff, someone who seems to have a bit of depth but is that just an illusion? So you thought you’d read on……..

Therefore, I must apologise.
I had every intention of writing to you this week, several times in fact I’ve had a quiet few hours to myself and thought, you know what, it’s time. Time to write a bit and let them in again……
Well can I tell you I’ve started to write maybe 5 or 6 different subjects, nothing seemed to flow and nothing came as naturally as least week.
That was until today.

Tonight’s post is a little more lighthearted as I sit here with a glass of Verve and decide to put finger to keyboard…. not really the same ring as pen to paper but you get the idea 😉

Today I had lunch with my group of ladies that have been friends for years. Two of the girls in our group I’ve known since I was 15, the others since I was 18 so it’s fair to say that I’ve known them for over half my life.
This group isn’t the Real Housewives of anywhere. We’re just Real. No pomp, no ceremony, just us.
We’ve been together through courtships, marriages, divorces, births and deaths. We all have kids now varying in ages from not yet born to 12 years.
After 4 months of not seeing each other, there was so much to catch up on and so much to tell.
After 5 hours of chatting, laughing and a few tears, we decided that it’s been far too long.

It was good, it is good, it’s so very good, so very good for the soul to be with friends, true friends, sisters that you choose where nothing you say is judged but everything you say is considered with love.

With the week starting like this how can it not be anything but good!!!!

Wishing you all a great week,
Love & Bubbles,

One thought on “Well that was a bit mean….

  1. Oh shit i had a little cry…just thought Id do a little checkin and see if you had added to your blog. There you go, love you long time girlfriend! xx

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