IT’s FRIDAY!!!!!

Well it’s not really but it turns out that “it’s Friday!!!!” means nothing to me anymore.
I’m a Mum, a fiance, a housewife (to be) who keeps 2 homes,  a sister, daughter and friend.
Life is busy but today it’s easy. A day to myself, a day with very few demands on my time so…..

As I sit down to write….
Today I have sat down to write….
I have sat down and I have started to write….
I sit down and I have started to write….
I have sat down and I HAVE started to write….
I have started to write today, 4 or 5 different themes actually. Nothing seems to flow, nothing seem to be natural or relevant today so I’m just going to write, this may be a disaster…..

It has been a very emotional few weeks since last time I wrote, just to name a few things but not limited to:
* My beautiful engagement ring that I was so happy about has had to go back to the jeweler, twice, second time because one of the diamonds fell out. No I have no idea where the stone is.
* We are still trying to get the ok from my Ex so I can move with my daughter permanently to to Coast with my fiancé.
* Mostly though, my sister in law is still very unwell and her health is declining each day, she’s back in hospital today.

I didn’t start this with the intention that this be a sad blog, I want continue in that vane.
It’s just my life at the moment, it’s sad and something we are all dealing with the best we can.

My brother (BB) is a champ, for many reasons and not least of which because he has taken time from his job to stay home and be SIL’s full time carer and also care for their 4 girls. My SIL has been a stay at home Mummy to their girls for the past 11 years, BB has been the outside of the home worker bee.
I’m pretty sure stepping into “Stay at home Mummy mode” would be no mean feat, being a dad of 4 girls let alone the fact that a few months ago he was FiFo dad and now has been thrown fully into the world of dance, netball and all things girly full time.
hahahaha LOVE IT!!!

When SIL went to hospital a few weeks ago it was rather sudden and all hands were on deck, and stayed on deck.
Until…….. BB had to politely request that hands be removed and await an invitation to return. Let him sort out what he can do on his own.

Can I say that this has been SO incredibly difficult for me, you see I would do anything at anytime for my family.
I’m also the kinda gal that sees a need, fills a need.
The problem with this was that I saw a need and I started to fill the need as I saw fit.
I didn’t stop to ask if the need needed to be filled….. does that make sense?

I went in a bustled around and told BB what I was doing and I told SIL what had to be done (yes in their own home) but not to worry I had it covered! I organized a “help” roster and food rotations and people to pick the kids up and basically, I just blustered my way in to their lives and made everything ok, so that they didn’t need to worry about anything. I had it worked out because I am HELPFUL!!!!

Helpful to a fault.

The fault being, I didn’t stop and say “how are you doing? what can I do, and how can I do?”
I assumed, and you know what they say, assumption is the mother of all hiccups 😉

So what I’m trying to say is that being helpful in a time of need is so important.
However, the important part of being helpful is stopping to ask what you can do to help, and help in the way asked, not the way you think you should be helping.
The other side is, don’t be offended when the help you offer is redirected to another avenue or another way.

PS: BB is doing amazingly well!!
He has the weekly schedule up on the pantry door, he is meal planning so if anything happens the menu is set and ready to go (it’s also posted weekly on the pantry door) He is cleaning and cooking and taking care of SIL like a BOSS!!!
So incredibly proud of who he is. I’m so incredibly saddened as to why he needs to be super dad but he is winning at this new role.
And you know what, occasionally he asks for helpful hands to come back and hold them up.

In love & Bubbles,
Cass xo

3 thoughts on “IT’s FRIDAY!!!!!

  1. It is amazing what we are all capable of when the need arises. What a great relationship you all obviously have to be able to even have these constructive conversations and be understanding of each other. It is obvious that you are all AMAZING people. thanks for sharing…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Deb. We are pretty awesome LOL but seriously, it has been a massive learning process both interpersonally and as a family. Xox


  2. Love that you are working together. In times of crisis, families just want to do whatever they can to help. I think we’re all guilty of over stepping our helping mark at sometime or another. So hard not to be offended when we’re asked to step away from the helping or redirection of said helping. Remembering that taking offence is a choice. Our choice. We can choose to be offended or not. Great that youre all choosing well!

    Liked by 1 person

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