I depend on a man….

Recently I saw a FaceBook meme that said something like;
“I depend on a man, my husband and I are a team. He depends on me and I depend on him. We support each other”

It made me wonder when it became and why it has become such a bad thing to depend on someone other than yourself, especially a man?

If you’re following me on other social media you will be aware that this has been a huge, nay, massive year…. I have married, my grandmother passed away, went on a honeymoon,  survived the 1st anniversary of SIL passing, bought a house and had a baby…. all of this I have done with my (now) husband by my side and you know what, it feels good to have a comrade, someone to not only share the highs with but also someone to share the tears with.
Let me tell you the past few years have shown me that life can be more difficult than you can imagine and having someone to share that with is amazing, and makes it bearable.

This was most recently bought to light for me when we bought Master J home from hospital last week.
The first few nights were hellish.. we were finally home, with a baby that didn’t sleep, wanted to be fed every 45 minutes for 45 minutes, and didn’t want Mummy to get any sleep either!!
I was so tired by Friday night that when Master J decided to start crying again around 8pm for what felt like the thousandth feed that afternoon, I took him into the sitting room and proceeded to cry as he fed. Tears just fell out of my eyes and rolled down my cheeks, falling from my face onto my gorgeous son, soaking his little onesie.
After a short while (the baby was finished feeding) Mr SS came over to me, took the babe from my arms, took my hand and led me upstairs and told me to sleep, he would look after the baby, that I needed sleep.
I wanted to fight him and say “no I’ve got this” but I was too tired to fight and I knew he was right, I needed to sleep, and i needed someone to tell me it was ok to not have it all together. That I don’t have to do this on my own.

Having Mr SS on my team is brilliant, being able to trust someone other yourself is something I’m still learning but getting better at it, and I’m proud to say I depend on a man!!!

Lots of bubbly love,
Cass xox


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