With a heart of love….

I have had the honour of knowing “Mrs” for a few years.

What I know of her and her family they are incredibly generous, loving and caring people. I have always had a deep admiration for who they are both as a family and who Mrs is a person.

Mrs is funny, kind, and all that affable encompasses. And beautiful to boot… yeah one of those people Hehe but mostly quiet and unassuming.

Well today I found out something I think is amazing about this wonderful lady and her family.

A few years ago her Father In Law passed away. It was sad as all parents passing is but what her Mother In Law did was amazing, you see, instead of giving everyone their inheritance, she took that money and donated it to fund that builds/digs/creates water wells in less fortunate communities. Mrs MIL donated a well for each of the grand children!!!

Do you know what Mrs and her family have gone and done? They decided as a family that they would continue the legacy MIL began and each year they work and save and donate a new well to a different community so the women don’t have to walk as far…. they have been doing this for five years now, so far they have provided four wells to poorer communities who would otherwise have to walk many many kilometres just for fresh water!!!

Today they received notification of the completion of the fifth well. When she shared this with me I actually “welled” up. What an amazing gift to be able to give those who cannot give this to themselves.

In a world where we have so many choices, this family chooses love every time.

I am so honoured to call you friend.


How do you keep on?

  • Trigger warning~ Miscarriage & infant death*

For those that don’t know, I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant with my third bubba. I have Miss 11, Master 22months and Miss 20weeks still cooking away.

All three babies are surprises, and by that I mean, we had discussed having a baby, but it hadn’t been decided definitely. Until it was.

Although we hadn’t decided definitely, given my history of miscarriage, (this is my tenth pregnancy) it has been an absolute blessing to have been able to fall pregnant and carry them to term. (I’m making an assumption Miss 20weeks will stay cooking for another 18weeks at least)

I am part of a pregnant mothers group. A few days ago one of the ladies had to deliver via emergency cesarean section as there were complications… at 21 weeks. Little Buddy did very well for the first 24 hours. Then the Drs found a bleed in his tiny brain. They can’t stop it. They have given him no more than four days to live.

His Mum and Dad have been told they have four days to hold his tiny hand, to hug him as they can, to tell Him how much he is wanted and loved.

My heart broke for these people I have never met, never known. That I will probably never meet, never know, yet I feel an incredible sorrow and yes, my heart has physically ached all day, I feel an overwhelming sense of love and loss for this young family. Even as I type this I have tears streaming down my face. Her pain to me is unconscionable.

How do you “get over” this?

I mean, yes I’ve been through miscarriage and that’s bloody tough but to have to actually deliver and meet your little one… UGH the pain!!! I have spoken with a few friends about how you’d move forward as of course you must, the overwhelming thought/belief is that they will meet again one day in the spirit world. I believe this also. But the pain here and now……

How do you keep on moving?

Miss 20weeks
Fun in the park!!! Miss 11 & Master 22months
Movie date!!!

If you or a family you know have suffered a loss and is needing support please reach out to someone. There are many support services available for recovery and encouragement;

SANDS 1300 072 637, an independent organisation that provides support for newborn death, stillbirth and miscarriage.

Pregnancy Birth & Baby 1800 882 436 Advice and emotional support 7 days a week

Bears Of Hope 1300 11 HOPE Provide grief support and care for families who have experienced the loss of their baby


Be a little kinder today

This week I’ve been set the task of writing something each day.

So, I failed yesterday as I didn’t write anything but SMS’s and emails.

But this morning I thought I should give it a go. Whilst I was pondering what to write about and scrolling through Facebook I was struck by how much negativity people dish out to each other either deliberately or just not thinking before they speak. Words can hurt!!

Now I know I’m not always as kind as can be, I try but sometimes my filter leaves me and meanness spills out, I can be really mean 😢

It’s ugly, hurtful, definitely not constructive and, nudging 40, it’s not who I want to be for myself, for my husband and definitely not what/who I want to teach my kids to be.

Life can be really tough and there will be days that you/I want to lash out, and tell someone how flipping stupid they are.

But you know what, just remember that old saying “be kind for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”

So today I set you a challenge….

be a little kinder, be gentle, be more deliberate with your words and time.

Cass xo