Be a little kinder today

This week I’ve been set the task of writing something each day.

So, I failed yesterday as I didn’t write anything but SMS’s and emails.

But this morning I thought I should give it a go. Whilst I was pondering what to write about and scrolling through Facebook I was struck by how much negativity people dish out to each other either deliberately or just not thinking before they speak. Words can hurt!!

Now I know I’m not always as kind as can be, I try but sometimes my filter leaves me and meanness spills out, I can be really mean 😢

It’s ugly, hurtful, definitely not constructive and, nudging 40, it’s not who I want to be for myself, for my husband and definitely not what/who I want to teach my kids to be.

Life can be really tough and there will be days that you/I want to lash out, and tell someone how flipping stupid they are.

But you know what, just remember that old saying “be kind for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”

So today I set you a challenge….

be a little kinder, be gentle, be more deliberate with your words and time.

Cass xo

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