With a heart of love….

I have had the honour of knowing “Mrs” for a few years.

What I know of her and her family they are incredibly generous, loving and caring people. I have always had a deep admiration for who they are both as a family and who Mrs is a person.

Mrs is funny, kind, and all that affable encompasses. And beautiful to boot… yeah one of those people Hehe but mostly quiet and unassuming.

Well today I found out something I think is amazing about this wonderful lady and her family.

A few years ago her Father In Law passed away. It was sad as all parents passing is but what her Mother In Law did was amazing, you see, instead of giving everyone their inheritance, she took that money and donated it to fund that builds/digs/creates water wells in less fortunate communities. Mrs MIL donated a well for each of the grand children!!!

Do you know what Mrs and her family have gone and done? They decided as a family that they would continue the legacy MIL began and each year they work and save and donate a new well to a different community so the women don’t have to walk as far…. they have been doing this for five years now, so far they have provided four wells to poorer communities who would otherwise have to walk many many kilometres just for fresh water!!!

Today they received notification of the completion of the fifth well. When she shared this with me I actually “welled” up. What an amazing gift to be able to give those who cannot give this to themselves.

In a world where we have so many choices, this family chooses love every time.

I am so honoured to call you friend.


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